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Britney Spears in Short Shorts

britney spears shorts

Britney Spears may be twice a mom and over 30 years old, but as you can see in these photos, her body looks as good (or even better) than it did when she was breaking hearts and creating erections at the tender age of 17.

Another good thing about the Princess of Pop is that she”s as uncomplicated as they come, and is not afraid to show herself in public wearing trashy clothes or even walking around barefooted. Here she is, wearing some cutout denim shorts and a simple pink tank top and still more fuckable than any other Hollywood celebrity.

Britney Spears can't hold her boobs

Britney is definitely back! Her boobs, too. I”ve decided to post two new pictures of Britney who just can”t hold her boobs inside. This isn”t hard stuff like her pussy but it will do. After all – it”s Britney!

Look at me! I have nice boobs!
Britney Spears boobs picture one

Have a closer look people!
Britney Spears boobs picture two

You expected nipples? Well, I have them, too. Just click here. See you soon.

Britney Spears nude in Womanizer (pictures)

Yes, she did it again! No, I'm not talking about Britney Spears sex tape… I'm talking about Britney nude in her newest single – Womanizer. Your favorite nude celebrities blog just got the pictures for your pleasure. Here we go:

Britney Spears nude in Womanizer (picture one)
Britney Spears nude in Womanizer picture one

Picture two
Britney Spears nude in Womanizer picture two

Picture three
Britney Spears nude in Womanizer picture two

It appears that Britney is back! Keep up the good work, Britney! You people check my Britney Spears nude stuff.

Britney Spears nipples

It seems that today is the nipples day. Here I am with newest Britney Spears nipples pictures. She has Vanity Fair in her hands and red rose in her mouth. She also had something else in her mouth (yes, I'm talking about Britney Spears sex tape).

Here are the most recent Britney Spears nipples pictures
Britney Spears nipples picture one

More nipples
Britney Spears
Guess where I got these pics?