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Kim Kardashian Upskirt

kim kardashian upskirt

Since the release of her homemade sex tape, Kim Kardashian has acquired the bad habit of wearing panties everywhere she goes, and as a result she just ruined a perfectly good upskirt. To top it off, it is not easy to catch a Kim Kardashian upskirt, and now she comes and trashes it by having panties under her skirt. Life is not fair!

Anyway, for those of you who have been waiting to see Kim Kardashian spreading her legs again, here is a little glimpse of her private paradise. Big tits, big butt and spread legs. A man couldn’t ask for much more!

Kim Kardashian Won't Give Up the Ass

kim kardashian bikini

Rich and sexy celebutante Kim Kardashian has the tits of a goddess and the ass of… of… hell, I can”t think of anyone with an ass like Kimmy”s! I hope that helps you get a good idea of the caliber rear end this babe has.

Best known for her time on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this curvy celebrity certainly knows how to keep the press happy, and here we see her giving her curvy bod a bit of sun. Not wanting to get too much of a tan line, Kim allowed her big tits to be halfway exposed by undoing her bikini straps. Laying there in the heat with her golden skin all glimmering, her is looking hot and bothered but sadly, she never turned around to give the cameras a peek of her juicy enormous ass. Trust me, that ass should have its own solar system. It”s that big!