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Lucy Lawless nude in Spartacus

I”ve liked Rome. In my (humble) opinion it is one of the best TV shows ever! Now we have new TV show about Romans, coming from Starz. Yes (and you”ve probably heard about it) – it is Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Why I”ve liked Rome? Huge budget, excellent casting and story, and lots of nudity. Why I like Spartacus? Tremendous ammount of sex scenes! Need I say more? One would say they”re paying way too much attention to nude scenes. I don”t mind. Don”t get me wrong… there is a story. Most of us know it already. But when you see Lucy Lawless in (very) hot sex scenes you ask yourself: “Am I watching a porn movie? No? Why am I seeing her boobs and pussy all over the place?”

I”ve just got these fresh pictures from Spartacus. Enjoy!

Lucy Lawless wants some sex
Lucy Lawless semi nude in Spartacus

Here is one of Spartacus sex scenes. Her boobs are fantastic!
Lucy Lawless boobs in sex scene from Spartacus

Let”s have a look at her butt
Lucy Lawless nude butt in Spartacus

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Lucy Lawless nude pictures

I hope… no I know you”ve liked this post. You? You go check Mr. Skin – nude celebrities expert for more! I”m on my way to see Spartacus: Blood and Sand, episode 2!

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