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Lindsay Lohan nude in Muse

It seems that Lindsay is back, better and hotter than ever! I bring you her nude pictures from Muse showing Lindsay totally exposed! She decided to show us (almost) everything. The only thing we don”t see on these pictures is her pussy. But, what we do see is her boobs and her ass. Let”s start!

This is what I call a fine boobs!
Lindsay Lohan boobs on the bed

Is that a threesome? Das Spiel der Live Dealer enthalt eine Tabelle mit den benannten Taschen zusammen mit einem Spinnrad immer eine Kugel. Yes, it is!
Lindsay Lohan threesome picture

I”ve promised you a picture of her ass.
Picture of Lindsay Lohan showing her nude ass

Once again – Lindsay Lohan boobs!
Another picture of Lindsay Lohan showing her boobs and smoking

Click on the picture below for much more nudity!

I told you Lindsay is back! These are amazing pictures and I can just hope we will see more from her soon. Btw, have you seen her sex tape?

Rihanna leaked nude pics

I know, I know… this is kinda old news, but if you don”t wanna see nude pics of Rihanna again, then you have to ask yourself is everything ok with you.

Few weeks, maybe a month ago, Rihanna nude pics hit the Net. I can”t imagine what will happen if Rihanna sex tape ever appear. I haven”t seen such rush since Leighton Meester sex tape appeared.

I”ve picked five pictures to share them with you and I”m pretty sure you gonna like my choice. I mean – here is everything: Rihanna”s fantastic ass, tits and more. What do you want from one post? Free beer? To the pictures!

Rihanna taking picture of herself in the bathroom
Rihanna taking picture of herself in the bathroom

Grab that ass, Rihanna!
Rihanna touching her nude ass

Another picture of her fantastic ass
Picture of Rihanna

Can I touch it? Pretty please?
Rihanna leaked nude picture

This is my favorite – Rihanna nude (I love her boobs!)

Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse and few nude ass pictures

There is something about Eliza… yes, I think they call it hotness! This girl has something in her eyes… something slutty. Whenever I look at her pictures, I imagine her saying: “Come and take me!”

I know that many of you watch Dollhouse because of Eliza. I also know that all of you love her ass. That”s why I”ve prepared these fantastic pictures, for yours and my pleasure. Warning! Smoking hot content below!

Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse
Eliza Dushku in Dollhouse

Here comes the ass!
Eliza Dushku ass picture

Come on, Eliza! Show us more of your fine ass!
Another picture of nude Eliza Dushku ass

I”m sure you will not mind if I post this picture of her nipples:

More Carla Bruni (Sarkozy) nude pictures

This could be interesting. I”ve just read that Carla”s intimate pictures are stolen during a burglary. Police believe the pictures could be posted online. I sincerely hope so. After all, Carla is the hottest first lady in the world. I mean, Nicolas Sarkozy is ugly as fuck, but like Henry Kissinger says – Power is the ultimate afrodisiac! Back to the stolen pictures:

A source said: The thieves appeared to know exactly what they were looking for, taking highly intimate prints, a camera full of further images, videos, and numerous computer files.

Maybe will soon have new sex tape? Man, that would be something. Will see. Anyway, I”ve visited my friends at and grabbed few pictures showing Carla Bruni totally nude! This is what you get as the president of France:

Now, is this a fine ass or what?
Carla Bruni ass picture

Check this picture! Carla on the bed (here I come, babe!)
Carla Bruni on the bed

When I said you will see her nude – I meant completely nude (yes, boobs and pussy!)
Carla Bruni nude picture showing her boobs and pussy

Click on the picture below to see where you can get much more nude pictures of Carla!

I should be a politician. Definitely.

Kate Winslett nude in The Reader

There are at least two reasons why you should watch The Reader. First – it”s a great movie. Really. I”m not into dramas, but it”s really worth watching. Second – Kate Winslett is fully nude. In the beginning of the movie she plays some kind of a sex teacher to one horny (and lucky) guy. The Reader is full of sex scenes showing everything Kate has to show, from boobs to pussy!

I”ve checked for some quality pictures. Here we go.

It all started with ass
Kate Winslett ass in The Reader

She is a good sex teacher! Kate is waiting for a sex… come one man, hurry!
Kate Winslett sex scene in The Reader

He is a fast learner. First time on the desk! (Btw, check her boobs!)
Kate Winslett nude on the desk showing her boobs

I saved this picture for the end. Kate”s pussy, people!
Kate Winslett pussy picture

Now you know why I recommend The Reader. I also recommend

Eliza Dushku nude in Nobel Son and The Alphabet Killer

First of all, I don”t care what they say about Eliza”s role in Dollhouse. For me she is a doll born to be nude. Apparently, she knows that so she appeared nude several times in last few months.

All started with Nobel Son in which she showed us some good ass moments:
Eliza Dushku ass in Nobel Son

I”d grab her ass, too!
Another picture of Eliza Dushku ass

Nice! Then came famous topless scene in The Alphabet Killer in which Eliza was kind enough to shows us her nude boobs:
Eliza Dushku nude in The Alphabet Killer

I love her when she goes topless!
Eliza Dushku topless scene from The Alphabet Killer

You thought this was all? Well – no. Here is her newest nude picture from Allure
Eliza Dushku nude in Allure

Wait! There is more!

Eva Mendes is nude in The Spirit

Yes, she is! Gorgeous Latin babe is back… looking better than ever! There are two reasons why you should watch The Spirit. First, you have Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson in the same movie. Second, Eva Mendes is totally nude!

Ok, I admit… The Spirit is average movie. But Eva looks fantastic. Since We Own The Night I haven”t seen much of Eva”s goodies. And she has a lot of good stuff to show.

Luckily for us, she decided to show her wonderful butt and firm, natural boobs. Ok, I”m getting horny right now, so here are the pictures:

For a start – cleavage (patience… we”ll come to the good stuff soon!)
Eva Mendes cleavage in The Spirit

This is better – Eva”s ass
Eva Mendes nude ass in The Spirit

Oh boy! Eva Mendes nude in The Spirit! (I love that butt!)
Eva Mendes nude ass in The Spirit

Now I don”t feel well. You people go Cheers.

Kendra Wilkinson flashing her boobs

This girl has boobs! I mean she has really big boobs and she, forunately, she enjoys showing them to us (so Hugh isn”t the only one). Kendra is known for her role in The Girls Next Door” as one of Hefner”s girlfriends.

She is also known for her boobs (like all Hugh”s girls). Now I will post few great pictures of her boobs:

I said – she loves flashing
Kendra Wilkinson flashing her boobs

And another one
Kendra Wilkinson boobs

Ok, here are no boobs, but it”s a great pictures of her ass!
Kendra Wilkinson ass

And again – boobs!

Phoebe Cates nude in Paradise (video)

I miss Phoebe! I mean I miss her body a lot! And I know there are many of you who thinks the same. Her scenes from Paradise and The Fast Timest at Ridgemont High are still much talked about. She was first and true teen celebrity sensation! With ass better than Alba”s, with boobs better than Monica”s… too bad she “retired” from nudity.

Today I”ll post a video from her movie Paradise showing Phoebe Cates taking shower (one of the all time hottest scenes)

Phoebe Cates nude in Paradise

Now you know what I”m talking about. What you should do now? You should

Maggie Gyllenhaal nude in Secretary and Strip Search

Everyone is talking about Batman – The Dark Knight these days. I don't blame them – it's a great superhero movie. I want to talk about Maggie Gyllenhall who played Rachel Dawes and she did a fine job. But Maggie rose to fame after her roles in Secretary and Strip Search. Her role in sadomasohistic drama Secretary brought her Golden Globe nomination. But we are not here for nominations. We are here for nude celebrities. And Maggie Gyllenhaal showed us all in Secretary and Strip Search. See it for yourself!

Maggie Gyllenhaal nude ass in Secretary
Maggie Gyllenhaal nude ass in Secretary

Maggie's breasts in Secretary
Maggie Gyllenhaal nude ass in Secretary

Maggie showing her pussy and breasts in Strip Search
Maggie Gyllenhaal pussy and breasts in Strip Search

Maggie Gyllenhaal nude in Strip Search