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Lucy Lawless nude in Spartacus

I”ve liked Rome. In my (humble) opinion it is one of the best TV shows ever! Now we have new TV show about Romans, coming from Starz. Yes (and you”ve probably heard about it) – it is Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Why I”ve liked Rome? Huge budget, excellent casting and story, and lots of nudity. Why I like Spartacus? Tremendous ammount of sex scenes! Need I say more? One would say they”re paying way too much attention to nude scenes. I don”t mind. Don”t get me wrong… there is a story. Most of us know it already. But when you see Lucy Lawless in (very) hot sex scenes you ask yourself: “Am I watching a porn movie? No? Why am I seeing her boobs and pussy all over the place?”

I”ve just got these fresh pictures from Spartacus. Enjoy!

Lucy Lawless wants some sex
Lucy Lawless semi nude in Spartacus

Here is one of Spartacus sex scenes. Her boobs are fantastic!
Lucy Lawless boobs in sex scene from Spartacus

Let”s have a look at her butt
Lucy Lawless nude butt in Spartacus

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Lucy Lawless nude pictures

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Jessica Biel nude video in Powder Blue

Finally! I”ve got my hands on fantastic Jessica Biel nude video from (already famous) Powder Blue. She is so sexy… I”ve watched it with my mouth open! (Thanks to for sharing this exclusive stuff). Video is 3 minutes and 19 seconds long. That”s a lot of Jessica Biel nudity! She is really gifted stripper and I can only hope she will continue Her kan man spille pa automat fra sin egen stue, og nar man i tillegg far tilgang til gratis er det bare a sette i gang med moroa! This Service operates under the License No. with to appear nude in movies. And her butt… boy, I can”t take my eyes of it! Here is a free preview (20 seconds) on which you can see how talented Jessica is! Just click on the picture below to watch/download!

Jessica Biel nude video from Powder Blue

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Anna Faris nude in The House Bunny

Let me be clear – I”ve hated The House Bunny. The only thing that catched my attention was Anna Faris (and her fantastic butt which she showed so many times in this movie). Maybe I”ve lived under the rock in past few months, but until I”ve checked I didn”t know that she is 32 now. I thought she is another teenage-wannabee-actress. Well, I was wrong. She is hot wannabee actress! The best part of Anna is her ass, we know that, she knows that. Check Men, et kasino med sektion, med generelt tab pa hver maskine virker usandsynligt. out these pictures:

I love this picture!
Anna Faris butt in The House Bunny

Now comes the good stuff
Anna Faris nude picture in The House Bunny

I”m nude, so what?!
Anna Faris nude in The House Bunny

Check this lucky guy! I”d like to inspect Anna”s nude body, too!

Like I said – I love her for her butt. Wanna see much more of Anna?

Anne Hathaway nude in Havoc

There is nothing better for a blogger than posting nude pictures of his favorite celebrities. And Anne is definitely one of my favorite girls. Many of you have asked me to post her pictures from Havoc. Your wish is my command. And my pleasure.

Anne played sweet, good girl in Devil Wears Prada. But in Havoc she was a bad, bad girl. She really liked that “gangsta” lifestyle. Actually, I think she beeing nude is the only reason why I”ve enjoyed watching Havoc.

Anne showed almost everything there, boobs especially. She only kept her pussy for herself. But, I have this feeling that we”ll see more of her very soon.

Here are Anne Hathaway nude pictures from Havoc:

Man, I”d like to touch that butt!
Anne Hathaway butt in Havoc

And what do you say about her nipples?
Anne Hathaway nipples picture

Anne Hathaway sex scene – need I say more?
Anne Hathaway sex scene in Havoc

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Eva Mendes is nude in The Spirit

Yes, she is! Gorgeous Latin babe is back… looking better than ever! There are two reasons why you should watch The Spirit. First, you have Eva Mendes and Scarlett Johansson in the same movie. Second, Eva Mendes is totally nude!

Ok, I admit… The Spirit is average movie. But Eva looks fantastic. Since We Own The Night I haven”t seen much of Eva”s goodies. And she has a lot of good stuff to show.

Luckily for us, she decided to show her wonderful butt and firm, natural boobs. Ok, I”m getting horny right now, so here are the pictures:

For a start – cleavage (patience… we”ll come to the good stuff soon!)
Eva Mendes cleavage in The Spirit

This is better – Eva”s ass
Eva Mendes nude ass in The Spirit

Oh boy! Eva Mendes nude in The Spirit! (I love that butt!)
Eva Mendes nude ass in The Spirit

Now I don”t feel well. You people go Cheers.

Vanessa Hudgens leaked personal pictures

Old news I know. But, there are still many of you who haven”t seen Vanessa”s leaked pictures (including famous butt picture). This is not about Vanessa Hudgens nude pictures… these are personal cell phone pictures showing Vanessa having good time with her friends.

Vanessa showing her finger (I have better idea what to do with that finger)
Vanessa Hudgens fingering

Yes, these kan prove online hos Tivoli . are her panties!
Vanessa Hudgens panties

Here is one semi-nude picture (cell phone quality… but still it”s Vanessa)
Vanessa Hudgens panties

As promised – here is famous Vanessa Hudgens nude butt

Vida Guerra looks damn sexy in tight dress

Man, I'd like to spend some time with Vida Guerra. Few weeks ago I've posted Vida's nude butt pictures but when I saw these new pics of her wearing tight dress, I just had to post them. Without further delay here are the pics!

Vida Guerra sexy boobs

Vida Guerra sexy butt

One of my favorites Vida Guerra sexy pictures

Yes, that is what I call 100% pure sexiness!

Asia Argento nude in Boarding Gate

I've always liked Asia Argento. She was never afraid to show us nude stuff in her movies. She did it again in her newest movie, the French thriller Boarding Gate. Btw, I also like Asia because of her statement saying that porn moves her much more than films like Gone with the Wind, because she is always reminded that these people onscreen actually met, and that actually happened! As promised, here are here pics:

Asia Argento underwear (yes, she is touching herself!)
Asia Argento underwear picture

Asia Argento butt
Asia Argento butt

Finally – Asia Argento nude in Boarding Gate
Asia Argento nude in Boarding Gate
I think I agree with Asia in the what-moves-me-more part. You… you should

Halle Berry butt in Things We Lost in the Fire

I've liked Things We Lost in the Fire and it's not because of Halle Berry's butt only! It's a good movie, but Halle's butt makes it even better. Ok, there are no sex scenes like famous Monster's Ball sex scene, but there are few good moments to catch:

Picture one (come on, Halle… show us your butt!)
Halle Berry

She does not listen, doesn't she?
Halle Berry in Things We Lost in the Fire

This is better! I see Halle Berry nude butt
Halle Berry nude butt
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Vida Guerra nude butt

This girl has great butt! We know that and she knows that and, the best of all, she likes to show it anytime she can. I've received few requests from you guys to post more about Vida Guerra. And what's better from Vida Guerra than her butt?

Vida Guerra nude butt
Vida Guerra nude butt picture one

Tell me honestly – have you seen better butt lately?
Vida Guerra butt picture two
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